I am so incredibly honored to know this sweet couple.

I both Mimi and Rafik through my husband on separate occasions. I feel like Rafik is more of a brother to me than a friend, he even stood up as Walid’s best man in our wedding.

I met Mimi at her house a few years ago at a birthday party. She was so warm and kind, when she learned that I am American and that Walid is Algerian she gleamed with joy and excitement!

“Your kids will be just like me!” she exclaimed.

Mimi’s mom is American and her father Algerian. After spending just a short night with her I was excited that my potential children could be something like her, sweet, kind and beautiful.

Rafik and Mimi’s relationship started out as a friendship and blossomed from there and now they are engaged! They both have such an adventurous, fun loving side, I am sure their life together will be full of love laughter and lots of excitement!



Rafik & Mimi from Natalie Mediouni on Vimeo.